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[driven by duty]

hatake kakashi

Hatake Kakashi
15 September

NAME :: Hatake Kakashi

GENDER :: Male

AGE :: 29

OCCUPATION :: "Delivery Boy"
Kakashi is a wanderer that happened to stumble upon the city of his dreams. That's right. A magical world come to life as if it had just popped up right out of his favorite novel, Come Come Paradise. Why he was here? He was "simply a messenger" delivering some important package to an unknown client. He never questioned his jobs, just simply went through with them, being a man that held duty before anything else.

He has two close friends named Obito and Rin that he left behind five years ago, and being a man such as himself had kept little to no contact with them whatsoever, and eventually lost connection, causing him to regret his negligence for such nice, caring people. Perhaps he would run into them again by chance someday?
He's a very mysterious man, known to hide behind his mask for unsaid reasons. It could be that he was extremely ugly and felt the need to hide his face so people would not shun his horrible looks. Or perhaps it was the opposite, and didn't want all that unneeded attention. Or maybe it was because he didn't want anyone recognizing him? It wasn't like he was very difficult to recognize anyway, with an ugly gash on his left eye and his unusual hair colour and style. Whatever the reason may be, it didn't really matter. Kakashi was still Kakashi, and no matter what he hid under that mask he was still the dutiful man that showed up an hour late everyday to work, or just didn't show up at all. He developed a habit of wandering the streets simply reading whatever the latest release of the Come Come Paradise series was, ignoring the entirety of the world around him. He is a somewhat physically strong individual that is very limber and quick, so his reaction skills are quite extraordinary. Other than that, he's just your average delivery boy (who's in his late twenties...vv;)

This is a cosplay journal for the community: ourabsinthehaze

image (c) testdrive